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Evaluation Form

Evaluation Form

This form is to be completed by the trainee after return from their work experience.

The information is for Office Use Only to improve International Rural Exchange Canada programs.
Your observations will NOT be shared with your host employer.

All fields are required.


Country you Visited:


How/where did you hear about International Rural Exchange Canada?

Please mark all that are applicable, and indicate specifics where possible:

Career fair. Which one(s)?
Highschool. Which one(s)?
Magazine. Which one(s)?
Social Media. Which one(s)?
University/College/Trade School. Which one(s)?
Newspaper. Which one(s)?

Current or Past Trainees

Family or Friends

Other: Please specify
Trainee’s Impression of the Placement  

Home Life

Main House  
Separate House  
Describe your impression of the following:
Home Conditions
Family Life
Your Room
Average hours worked per week?
Were you happy with the hours being worked?
Did the work match the placement advice?
Were you happy with how and when wages were paid?
Describe your impression of the following:
Work Conditions
Work Variety
Learning Opportunities
Did you have access to:  
Own Car Farm Vehicle
Other None
Social Life
Did you participate socially with:  
Other Trainees Local Activities
Comments: Host Family Activities
Trainee’s Impression of the Host Family
Describe your impression of the host family with regard to:
Willingness to teach
Did you feel you:
Fit in with the Family
Helped with Chores
Had adequate social interaction
Overall view of the Host Family is
Your overall view of the placement
Is there anything which could be changed by the trainee or the host family in order to make the placement more effective and / or enjoyable?                 Yes     No

Highlights of Experience

What were the 5 highlights of your trip?

What would you recommend as activities or places to visit for someone visiting this country?
If you could go back in time and give yourself some advice before your IRE Canada experience, what would you say? (what to bring, activities to do, languages to learn, etc.)

Thank you for taking time to fill out the Evaluation Form. We appreciate your Feedback.
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